Working to overturn the travesty that is Florida Amendment 13
Overturn13.org is a newly formed group of trainers, adopters, kennel owners, workers, race dog owners and fanciers that have come together under the group Support Working Animals to overturn Amendment 13.

We are united in the quest to fight this debacle to the highest level, to have this ill conceived amendment overturned as unconstitutional. This site will provide all the information needed to understand how this amendment was built on lies, deception, and funded by the animal rights organizations that want to end all animal interests.

This newly formed group is an off-shoot of the Committee to Support Greyhounds and will continue to be 100% transparent. That said, this endeavor will be expensive. We have attorneys willing to fight for us, and they are anxious to get started.

As we mentioned, this will be expensive, and we need help. The Federal attorney's retainers have been paid, but we continue to raise funds as the legal fees will increase. Our attorneys of choice are honest and hardworking, but good attorneys do not come cheap.

Greyhound Nation did not back down before, and we refuse to stop until the last judge says "NO".

Please share-please ask your friends for their support as we continue to battle for ALL animal ownership.

Please visit our main site www.supportworkinganimals.org

The Greyhound Educational site www.keepgreyhoundsracing.org

Attorneys looking to file by end of JULY, full steam ahead to Rid Florida of Amendment 13......LAWSUIT ANNOUNCEMENT - SEE VIDEO BELOW....Please DONATE to this effort TODAY!!  Let's #RightTheWrong



Overturn13.org is a 501(c)(4) organization, donations go to SupportWorkingAnimals and the effort to Overturn FL Amendment 13 and  are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE
January 2019 Lawsuit Announcement Video
"That's What Friends are For"